A very popular gospel singer has come out to say he is tired of life and wants to kill himself.

The gay gospel singer who is from Kenya wants to kill himself. George Barasa who is also known as Joji Baro says he is fed up with life and is contemplating committing suicide.

24-year-old Baro said he is planning to kill himself and this is on the basis of his not been shown much love because of his sexual inclination and threats to his life.

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The gay gospel singer revealed his suicide mission on his Facebook page.

He wrote:

“I have never been this heartbroken. I don’t want to commit a murder. I just want to kill myself. I hate this feeling. My heart is aching right now.

How does it feel when your opinion does not count in someone else’s life? How you should be feeling right now. And stop praying for me because God does not answer to your prayers too.”

Joji Baro has been facing a lot of persecution since he openly declared himself HIV positive. In March 2014, he was denied a US visa on medical grounds.