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New Year Day sex assault in Germany

James Francis
We strongly sympathise with the victims of this dastardly act. The German government is to be blamed for allowing savages into their nation. The German community will pay a heavy price for their leaders’ stupidity. By the time they’re done with, they’d prefer serpents and scorpions in their community. SMH

Jude Chikwendu Njoku
Is this the reward of the help rendered to these wild dogs rejected by their Arab brothers? What a shame!

Adeboh Emmanuel
We warned them of the consequences of their “magnanimity”. Our sympathy to the victims, but this is just the beginning.

Ben Cool
They asked for it when they welcomed Muslim terrorists into their land.

Prince Dafe Anighoro
I am not surprised. When the German female president welcomed over a million Muslim immigrants, most of them men, into the country. This is just the beginning.

“Buhari reboots ‘War against Indiscipline’”

Abubakar Yunus Auwal
May Almighty Allah help Baba Buhari crush Nigeria’s enemies.

Samuel Oga
Please, PMB, bring back the old Nigeria we’ve heard of. WAI is a welcome idea.

Abubakar Ibrahim
Carry on, Baba. You are allowed. God is with you.

Prince ‘Lekan Adele
All those putting Nigeria and Nigerians in hardship, your generations will never experience peace and would face more serious hardship, In Jesus’ name.

“U.S donates $11m mine resistant vehicles to Nigerian army”

Muawiyya Imam Muhammad
The USA knows that the authentic and reasonable administration of PMB is very serious about fighting terrorism and corruption in the country, not like previous GEJ‘s administration where corruption and massive looting were seen as his administration’s culture. The way Jonathan‘s government misused arms money and shared it for their personal gain showed GEJ as an unrepresentative and misguided president.

Nsikak Micheal Archibong
When the head is bad the whole body is bad too. Only US can explain why the didn’t send these during GEJ’s administration.

Ikechukwu Ray Ozoilo
Can our soldiers handle these sophisticated machinery?

Isuma Fidelis
Hope they use it appropriately.

“BRT: Lagos govt terminates agreement with operator”

Andrew Daniel
What is the implication of this contract termination? Does it mean there will no longer be BRT on our roads?

Egbenuka Olisah Emmanual
So,first BRT will no longer run on the BRT corridors?

“New tariff to take effect Feb. 1 -Electricity Commission”

Nchedo Agbalusi
Where’s the electricity? Yet, we’re talking about new tariffs? What a joke.
Kazeem Alabi
Every house must be metered, including villages!

Michael Ogri
We are waiting and watching.

Lawrence Makinde
Despite our current poor services. God save us from this heartless commission.

“David, baby mama sign peace accord”

Helen Chukwukelu Okonkwo
Next time, both families should keep their problems to themselves and stop disturbing the peace with their lies and rantings. At least, we can now browse the internet in peace. I just pity the innocent child.

Titus Echekwu
Davido sef dey find trouble. He no no say the girl dey smoke ganja before? abeg I wan sleep jare.

Chinedu Collins Ugwu
He will still impregnate her again for the sake of peace. Some ladies are stupid. Musicians are fond of having babies everywhere and anyhow, and calling their girlfriends ‘baby mamas’.

“Arms deal fraud: Haliru Bello, son granted N600 million bail”

Don Olatundey Lawal
Offenders caught and also get bail? What type of judicial system do we operate in Nigeria? All public offenders should be arrested remain in prison (as far as I’m concerned).

Kenneth Ogri
All suspected offenders or criminals remain innocent until proven guilty and sentenced to prison by any court of competent jurisdiction in the country. That a suspect is granted bail doesn’t imply he or she has been freed of his/her suspected offense. They are to appear in court while their trial last. This is an ethical practice the world over. Let’s be rational in our legal approach, leaving sentimental or emotional attachments. Prison facilities are meant for mainly convicted criminals and not suspects. Please take note.

Mactrue Kalu Nicholas
Hilarious! How much was the alleged amount they got (from the arms deal)?



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